53 to ▓254 billion yuan in 2008. And in 2008, China's gross expenditures in R&D, hit 457 billion yuan, accounting ▓for 1.52% of the GDP."Wan Gang says developments in

lion yuan in ?/h4>

scien▓ce and technology over the past six decades have significant▓ly contributed to China's economy, social progress, people's

?953 to 254 b

livelihood, and national security.Wan Gang said, "Th▓e successful manned space flights, and the launch of▓ a lunar satellite, hav

illion yuan

e made China one of a few countries capable of making contributions to the world's peaceful use of space. Science and technology

in 2008. The

have also played important roles in major engineering openis, including the Three Gorges Dam, gas transmission lines, and th

e Qinghai

-Tibet Railway."But the minister points out that China's scientific and technological strength still n▓eeds to catch up to developed countries. He says C▓hina has to impr

Minister of S

ove the application of science

c▓ience &

and technology in tackling

Technology, h

the international financial cr

ighlighted the

isis an▓d climate change, and

achievement d

in improving people's daily l

ur▓ing BLOG

▓ives.The People's Republic of China will celebrate

a Wednesday press co

its ▓60th birthday on October

the first. The country has made significant achievements in scie

nce and technology over the ye

ars, particularly since opening up to the rest of the world thirty years

ago. The Ministry of Science an

d Technology lauded these achievements at a press conference▓ this

morning.Chinese Premier Wen Jiab

ao labeled the ▓country's scientific and technological innovation as an "improvement pi


llar" at the




ng cer



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